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The Saem GEM miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask (100g)

The Saem GEM miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask (100g)
Brand: The Saem
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The Saem GEM miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask is a wash-off type mask with 5 effects: 1) brightening; 2) detoxing; 3) exfoliating; 4) waste elimination; and 5) pore tightening! 


After cleansing, pump a moderate amount and spread all over the face with a 2mm thickness, avoiding the eye area. When oxygen bubbles are sufficiently developed, massage the bubbles and then rinse-off with slightly warm water.


Brilliant black pearl of Tahiti / Pearl powder :
It provides a systematic and continuous supply of nutrition and moisture to damaged skin and has excellent whitening effects, all while controlling the oil/water balance and the metabolism of the skin to maintain transparency and resiliency. Also, increase skin luster.

Giga-White :
With 7 organically grown herbal ingredients, it is excellent for exfoliating and waste adsorption, and alleviates pigment deposit and improves skin tone for a brightening effect.

Papaya extracts :
A nontoxic substance with excellent exfoliating effects by containing natural protease & papain, makes it the most effective natural agent for exfoliating care


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