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Whoo Hwanyu Cream + 13 pc Gift Set

Whoo Hwanyu Cream + 13 pc Gift Set
Brand: Whoo
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Price: HK$3,850
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Whoo Hwanyu Cream uses traditional oriental medicine ingredients such as extracts from natural wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis, antler cordyceps sinensis, Pleuropterus Cordyceps sinensis, and snow lotus herb.  The combination of such ingredients can remove toxin and allow ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.  The Whoo Hwanyu Cream is renowned for turning back the clock and making your skin looks 10 years younger.

Whoo Hwanyu Cream set includes:

1) Hwanyu Cream 60ml
2) Hwanyu Essence 7ml
3) Hwanyu Cream 4ml
4) Hwahyun Balancing Water 25ml
5) Hwahyun Lotion 25ml
6) Hwahyun Essence 5ml
7) Hwahyun Face Cream 10ml
8) Hwahyun Eye Cream 5ml
9) Wild Ginseng Ampoule Oil 5ml
10) Jinyul Balancing Water 20ml
11) Jinyul Lotion 20ml
12) Jinyul Face Cream 4ml
13) Jinyul Cleansing Foam 13ml
14) Bichup Ja Saeng Essence 8ml


1) At the last stage of basic skin care, put proper amount of cream on the back of hand

2) Sniff up delightful scent of ingredients of traditional oriental medicine

3) Rub it with your fingertips two or three times, and then apply it on your face and neck

4) Rub both palms to generate warmth, and then lightly wrap your face and neck with warmed hands

Note: should you have an allergic reaction to this product, please wash your face with luke warm water immedidately and consult a doctor if necessary.

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